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General Campaign Overview:

The campaign deals heavily with the interaction of the Dragonmarked houses and the connections of certain artifacts, items, people and locations to the prophecy. The basic concept is that the party is on of the retrieval squads on board the airship Silent Vindication. The party is directed by the Half-Elf Captain Caspian Brightwind to various locations to rectify potentially world changing events.

Captain Caspian Brightwind has a loyal, one of a kind crew and many seemingly random acquaintances all around the Five Nations of Korvaire. Many of the artifacts collected are stored permanently aboard the Silent Vindication in the Captain's quarters, but most items are taken to a currently unknown location…suspected to be related to the source of funds for the operation



Mission Briefings:

Ashtol Filching

Siege Salvaging 

Vadalis Experimentation

Going to the City

Eyes of the Lich Queen


Captain Caspian Brightwind

Kurac the Sturdy

Artic Female Badger Rider

Artic Female Spear

Female Striker

Ghostbuster Artificers

Goblin Warrior

Male Crossbow Assassin



Karrnath Map

Khovaire Maps

Dragonmark House info:

Dragonmark House info

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The Grand History of Eberron

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